Neurofeedback Chicago


What is Neurofeedback therapy?

Neurofeedback is a drug- free, non-invasive treatment option that trains people to regulate their own brain wave activity. This neurotherapy technique aims to provide the individual with information on the current state of their physiological functioning through real-time feedback. At Cognitive Solutions Learning Center in Chicago, we employ the latest in neurofeedback technologies to help our patients see the most effective gains.

How does it work?

First, a Quantitative EEG (QEEG- Brain Map) recording is done prior to neurofeedback sessions. This process is conducted in our Chicago office, and involves measuring brainwave activity from a few dozen points on the head simultaneously. From this recording, a series of maps that show such things as the level of certain brain wave activity is created.

Based on an intake evaluation and the brainmap results, therapeutic protocols for neurofeedback are chosen. The sessions involve single and/or multiple electrodes placed on the scalp and ears. The live brainwave activity is then displayed on a monitor in the form of the EEG and/or video games during the neurofeedback therapy. Neurofeedback training involves a series of sessions, during which the individual engages in specific tasks or computer games while these small safe electrodes measure brainwave activity and display immediate feedback on a computer screen. Using this feedback, the individual learns through practice to generate desirable brain wave changes independently .

Patients are reinforced for successfully performing tasks specific to their protocol (e.g. decreasing activity for certain frequencies and increasing it for others). This reinforcement may come in the form of a tone, visual display, game, or even a DVD.

What is the length of neurofeedback treatment?

Neurofeedback training at Cognitive Solutions Learning Center in Chicago consists of a series of thirty-minute sessions. A typical treatment program requires 20 to 40 training sessions. Because Neurofeedback is a learned skill, improvement is gradual and occurs over time. Some individuals may need more training to achieve the full benefits of the therapy. Improvements in attention, organization, and behavior are typically well retained on a long- term basis.

Who can benefit from Neurofeedback?

At Cognitive Solutions Learning Center in Chicago, we have successfully treated thousands of patients for a range of symptoms. The list includes, but is not limited to:

•Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD ADHD all types)
•Learning Disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia)
•Traumatic Brain Injury
•Seizure disorders
•And those seeking Peak Performance!

Learning to change their brainwave activity has helped thousands of children and adults in Chicago and around the globe who use Neurofeedback to overcome difficulties at school, in the workplace, at home, and in relationships. Better academic and work performance often leads to better self-confidence and social skills. Neurofeedback users and their families frequently report an improvement in their overall emotional state.


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