Reap the Benefits of Neurofeedback


(Chicago, Illinois, 17 January 2012)

A Neurofeedback session typically begins with a quantitative EEG. The EEG is done with the use
of sensors that are placed on top the head, and it is intended to measure brainwave activity.
This information will be used as a reference and an indicator of how your brainwaves are
affecting your train of thought. From then on, the professional therapist will create a therapy
that is tailored especially for your own needs. A person who is undergoing Neurofeedback
is called a “trainee,” basically since the patient is being trained by the therapist to modulate
brainwave activity and achieve certain results. These results are almost instantaneous but
more often not trainees are not aware of these changes immediately, but they certainly can
observe changes in their state of mind even outside the Neurofeedback session. The training
will specifically teach a person to maximize activity in certain frequencies while keeping down
others in a bid to regulate or balance the frequencies so the brain is not overloaded with too
much activity.

With the help of Neurofeedback, a person can achieve relaxation as well as minimization of the
brainwave activity that is causing him or her to be constantly anxious, irritated or suffer lack
of calm in most situations. In fact, according to the International Society for Neurofeedback
and Research, the Neurofeedback therapy is ideal for people who are suffering from attention
disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder as well as Epilepsy. The Institute is also
undergoing research to determine the effects of the therapy on people who have Autism,
headaches, insomnia, anxiety, substance abuse, TBI and other pain disorders. So far, the ISNR
is saying that the results of their research into these disorders are “promising.” There are more
grounds being gained each day in research and the Cognitive Solutions approach can prove this.

One great thing about undergoing Neurofeedback therapy is the fact that it is non-invasive and
requires no medicine. The CSLC approach stresses non-medicinal in all that we do. It does not
require surgery, so you can walk out of the clinic normally and go about your business like it
did not happen at all. Of course, you will be stepping out of the therapist’s clinic feeling like a
new version of yourself thanks to the training you get from the Neurofeedback center at CSLC.
Several people who have gone through the process have seen tremendous results. (see our
about us page). Testimonials from successful trainees have shown that Neurofeedback has had
a positive effect on their lives and daily functioning, which means that Neurofeedback really
works and no matter what state your are in, it is always beneficial.

If you are interested in undergoing Neurofeedback training, contact Cognitive Solutions
Learning Center Inc. The Center is located in Chicago, Illinois. Contact the center by calling us
at phone number (773) 755-1775, or use the contact form found online at
With Cognitive Solutions, you are sure to experience a positive change in your life.


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