Testimonial – L.B.

From the time he was a pre-schooler, it was evident that my very bright son had learning challenges. While he was generally successful in school, he had to work longer and harder than his peers, and his self-esteem was affected. For several years, I sought testing through our public school to identify underlying learning disorders. The school psychologist repeatedly indicated my son was fine and no additional testing was needed. We sought educational testing at Cognitive Solutions to get to the bottom of things. Dr. Goldstein comprehensively tested our son, and determined that he had several discrete, subtle learning problems which could be addressed with specific strategies and minimal school accommodation. Our son was tremendously relieved to have confirmation that he was bright and there were easy ways to be less stressed and more successful. As a result of the services we received at Cognitive Solutions, our son scored well on his high school admission tests, and was accepted in outstanding private and public high schools. He is a happy, successful freshman at a wonderful magnet high school. The educational recommendations which Dr. Goldstein offered are being implemented by the school. We know that we can return to Cognitive Solutions should we have future concerns. Dr. Goldstein and his staff were both brilliant and kind. It was wonderful to have such dedicated allies in assisting our child. We cannot say enough about how valuable Cognitive Solutions has been to our son’s success.
L.B. Chicago, Illinois

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