Testimonial – J.H.

I found Dr. Effarah after visits with several ophthalmologists and neurologists following a nasty head injury that resulted in a severe concussion. All of the other doctors told me that my problem, halos around lights at night, was something I was going to have to learn to live with. The last ophthalmologist told me about Dr. Effarah, saying that he had helped his nephew with ADHD and maybe he could do something for me. I called Dr. Effarah and described my problem. He felt that it was something he could help me with using neurofeedback. Shortly after I started treatment, I began to experience brief periods of time when the problem disappeared. The periods of time soon became longer, and then the problem disappeared completely. I continued working with Dr. Effarah on an auditory processing problem that was identified through the initial brain map. Dr. Effarah is extremely dedicated and knowledgeable about neurofeedback. His skill and dedication made a very large difference in my life.
J.H. Chicago, Illinois

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