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Adult Dyslexia
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Dyslexia is a language based learning disability whose symptoms can cause an array of difficulties. The primary difficulty experienced by those with dyslexia is word recognition. In these individuals, the brain sees words differently than a non-dyslexic brain. Reading fluency, spelling, and writing are often problem areas for a dyslexic person. Sometimes, these issue are undiagnosed during early childhood. However, as education progresses and more grammar is introduced, reading and writing become more difficult.

People suffering from dyslexia may also have difficulty with spoken language and clearly understanding what others are saying. These issues may be difficult to recognize, however it is important that they are identified as they can lead to significant difficulty in school and the workplace.
Sadly, dyslexia can also affect the way individuals feel about themselves. Dyslexic people often report feeling “dumb”.

Dyslexia is a neurobiological disorder, meaning certain regions of the brain are not processing information correctly. It is important to note that having dyslexia does not mean that one is less intelligent than other people. It simply means the individual requires different teaching methods than other people.

Adults with dyslexia are often spatially talented and excel in professions such as engineering, architecture, design, artistic endeavors, mathematics, and medical work. However, they often struggle with time management, planning, and organization. ¬

There is no cure for dyslexia. However, with a proper testing and diagnosis followed by hard work and support from family, teachers, and friends, an individual diagnosed with dyslexia can be highly successful in schooling and later on in the workplace. Read more about Dyslexia Testing and Dyslexia Tutoring at Cognitive Solutions in Chicago:
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